A Leap of Doubt Podcast.

A Leap of Doubt LogoHosted by Nathan Dickey, A Leap of Doubt is a podcast about a lot of things that orbit the central, overarching theme of secular humanism: philosophy, skepticism, atheism, science, feminism, social justice, mental health, and raw human experience.

The name of the podcast is, of course, a playful inversion of the famous term “leap of faith.” This podcast is a celebration of doubt, skepticism, and free inquiry into dogmas of all kinds, from the religious variety to social status quo. I am a liberal atheist who came from a background of conservative religious fundamentalism and Christian apologetics, which I discarded ten years ago. I understand firsthand how difficult it can be to find the courage to question and doubt everything you were raised to believe dogmatically in, the courage to subject your entire worldview to rigorous scrutiny and the kind of hard, honest questions that religious apologetics teaches you to soften or divert away from.

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