Episode 25 | The Interview: Dan Dana

This week, Justin chatted with psychologist, author, and activist Dan Dana.

They talked about Dan’s upbringing and path to atheism, his love and dedication to science, his book, The Reason Revolution, Donald Trump and his support from evangelicals, the differences between liberals and conservatives, and the importance of Secular Humanism.

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Author Details
Co-Founder | Reason Revolution
After years of involvement in other secular organizations and podcasting projects, he founded Reason Revolution in June of 2017. He loves studying the history of freethought and its relevance to our current issues. You can contact him at thedailyclark@gmail.com.
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  1. Ernest Kinnie
    Ernest Kinnie says:

    .This Dana guy is smart and articulate, and the interviewer Justin is not bad either. Great presentation of an atheist, secular, and liberal view. I’m an agnostic because I just think the human brain is much too tiny to know the answers to ultimate questions about the nature of reality. I become an atheist though when somebody begins to describe their God.

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