George H. Smith Memes.

Since 1971, more than one hundred of George H. Smith’s articles and book reviews have appeared in a wide range of publications, including The New York Times, the Arizona Daily StarReason MagazineFree InquiryThe HumanistInquiryCato Policy ReportLibertyThe Voluntaryist, Academic Associates Book NewsJournal of Libertarian Studies, and Humane Studies Review. He writes a weekly column on libertarian and classical liberal thought for, a website operated by Cato.

His published works often deal with such issues as capital punishment (which he opposes), anarchismlibertarianismreligious toleration, and atheism. He has written about William WollastonHerbert SpencerThomas HobbesJohn LockeAyn Rand and other figures. On December 31, 2007, George Smith provided a humorous “qualified endorsement” of Republican Party candidate Ron Paul via YouTube for libertarian voters, but also one that was consistent with his published writings on electoral politics.[2]

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