#001: The Real Atheologists | A Leap of Doubt

In this, the debut episode of A Leap of Doubt, I interview Justin Schieber and Benjamin Watkins, hosts of Real Atheology: A Philosophy of Religion Podcast. Topics of this discussion include: what philosophy of religion is, why it continues to be relevant in academic philosophical discourse, how to define religion, the nature of belief and deconversion, what led to Justin’s and Ben’s own respective departure from theistic belief, and why arguments from revelation are insufficient yet still necessary to take into consideration.


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The opening clip is an excerpt from the audiobook “God is Not Great” by Christopher Hitchens, courtesy of Hachette Audio. Text Copyright 2007 by Christopher Hitchens. Audio production copyright 2007, Hachette Audio. Used with permission.

The opening and ending music is “Jade” by Esther Nicholson and is used under license.