#003: Black Mirror and Philosophy | A Leap of Doubt

You can blame me, try to shame me, and still I’ll create podcasts for you! And anyone who knows what “Black Mirror” is (which should be everyone) will understand.

This episode is devoted to a deep-dive discussion of some of the philosophical ideas and issues explored in the television series “Black Mirror,” including such meaty areas as the nature of consciousness, the problem of personal identity and its relationship with memory, existentialism, morality and ethics (especially as these relate to the question of retributive justice), and of course technology and the role it plays in our lives.

Joining me for this discussion are two friends of mine, Jeremiah Traeger and Michael Schaffer, who are big fans of the series and whose most interesting contribution to this episode is their heated debate over whether the simulated counterparts of various characters are conscious beings or not. . .

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The opening clip is an excerpt from the audiobook “God is Not Great” by Christopher Hitchens, courtesy of Hachette Audio. Text Copyright 2007 by Christopher Hitchens. Audio production copyright 2007, Hachette Audio. Used with permission.

The opening and ending music is “Jade” by Esther Nicholson and is used under license.