Episode 19 | The Interview: Cory Johnston

This episode, Justin spoke with Cory Johnston (@HardcoreSkeptic), the host of the Hardcore Skeptic and Brainstorm podcasts.  

They had a great conversation about his deconversion, our respective podcasting projects, misconceptions about “Classical Liberals” and “SJWs”, and the complicated politics of free speech.

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Episode 14 | The Interview: Zerin Firoze


This week, Justin sits down with ex-Muslim activist Zerin Firoze. She shares her story about growing up in Bangladesh, leaving Islam, facing persecution in her home country, her move to the United States, and her role as an activist.

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Episode 13 | Thoughts on the “New Center”


In this special episode, Justin shares his thoughts on the current state of politics and the emerging “New Center.”

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