The Danger of the Far Right

The Danger of the Far Right

I wanted to write a rant on the far right and their rise to prominence, the utter fear for marginalized people that this fills me with, and the need for action of some kind to stop them from carrying out even more harmful acts or gaining any more power but I keep getting caught up in the details.

There’s a reason that there are multiple people writing books on this subject from multiple angles. The far right isn’t just one thing, it’s many. They are well funded, totally propagandized, living in an alternate universe, and they’re a danger to everyone around them. They could also just be the guy in the cubicle next to you and you might never know it.

So much of the information that I’ve been reading, listening to, and talking to people about needs to be spread but the way to do that isn’t clear. Even the direction we go with it isn’t clear. Should we inform people about extremist groups? Should we share with them the history of right wing extremism? Should we help them understand the link between the extremists and the mainstream conservatives? How about drawing a line through ideology from rich white guys who don’t want to pay taxes to propaganda machines that they fund to extremists who take action by shooting innocent people?

Where do we even start to educate people who think that right and left are just two different types of ideology and not the literal difference between dangerous and safe?

There’s a reason that Hatewatch exists on the SPLC website. It’s not because of leftists who break windows. There’s a reason that the stats show an overwhelming majority of terror attacks within the US coming from right wing extremists and not from leftists or Islamists.

Some people like to paint terror with a particular color and or describe it as being from a culture other than their own but they have to be dishonest or ignorant to fully embrace that. Terror is almost entirely white in North America and it is overwhelmingly christian and conservative. And the right wing media like Fox and Rebel actually embrace that though they try to hide it. They still talk about refugees being the danger you could face when it’s actually your flag waving neighbor. They talk about the left harassing Tucker Carlson at his Mcmansion or they talk about politicians who can’t go out to eat because people won’t serve them but they completely ignore the hateful rhetoric they promote and the actual death that it causes.

And I’m not even talking about policy. I’m just talking about the way that Fox news and AM radio turn white men into extremists who think that the government is secretly run by the jews who want to take away all their guns and eliminate the white race by breeding them out of existence.

Even typing this all out I feel like it sounds crazy. It sounds like I’ve turned into a left wing conspiracy nut. Except the evidence is there. You can actually draw a line from economists to wealthy investors to news outlets to extremist groups and when you throw Donald Trump into the mix emboldening these people to action that’s when you get the stuff we’ve been seeing for the last month or two.

I’m honestly terrified not just of the actions that can happen in the short term but of what can happen in the long term if this stuff isn’t acknowledged and dealt with. The left is losing in America and if they lose there then that shit can move anywhere. The rich are fully willing and able to subvert democracy if they think it infringes on their freedom and they consider any taxes at all to fall within that category. They will continue to stir up the extremists and they will continue to undermine politics if it means they don’t have to give their money away.

You can see it in everyday politics. The right wants to cut taxes to the rich at all costs. They use wedge issues to separate people and polarize voters. They often pass laws and budgets that they publicly claim will help the middle class and they blame any failure of that on lower income earners and any marginalized group that they can. The link between the polarization of extremists and the dissemination of their message is the media. The internet makes it easy for these people to connect but it’s the media that sends the messages. “Those people are your enemy. Those people are a danger to you. Those people hate you and hate your country. They hate freedom”

This is the message that is sent to conservatives all across the world, not just America and not just Canada. It’s a message we need to find a way to counter. I’m not sure how but we need to do something because things are already pretty far gone as far as I can tell and they just seem to be getting worse at an alarming pace.

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Cory Johnston is a dad, boyfriend, and oilfield worker who has a passion for learning and working towards a better world. While he has very little in the way of formal education, he spent much of his life reading everything he could get his hands on as well as listening to lectures, podcasts, and audiobooks. An avid comic book nerd, Cory has always thought that the world required work in order to be truly just and as a result tries to affect change that will make that happen in a number of ways. Podcasting is a hobby that has helped that endeavor as well as a way to have fun and maintain friendships while meeting new people.
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